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Send Flowers to Bucharest

Flower arrangements delivered by local florist in Bucharest. Send fresh flowers in Bucharest, Romania.
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Bunch of purple orchids
Bunch of three orchids
A bunch of three purple orchids in a beautiful glass vase that show distinction and style. Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~20cm;
  22,20 EUR 
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Roses, chocolate and champagne
Roses, champagne and a box of chocolate
A bunch of roses perfect to be delivered to a very special someone. The flowers are delivered together with a small bottle of champagne and a box of chocolate. Product approx. sizes: height ~45cm; diameter ~25cm;
  64,77 EUR 
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31 roses set
A set of 31 roses
A set of 31 roses - first, your loved one will receive a bowl of 3 roses, after 10 minutes she will receive 7 red roses and, after another 10 minutes, a bunch of 21 red roses. Vase approx. sizes: height ~40cm; diameter ~20cm; Bowl approx. sizes: height ~10cm; diameter ~10cm;
  118,78 EUR 
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Send flowers
Orchid flower in a tube
A delicate orchid flower in a glass tube. Simple, yet elegant, thus perfect for any type of occasion. Product approx. sizes: height ~50cm; diameter ~40cm;
  34,89 EUR 
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Colourful roses basket
Colorful roses basket
A basket of 21 colorful roses perfect to offer to a very dear friend. Product approx. sizes: height ~50cm; diameter ~40cm;
  70,07 EUR 
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A happy bunch of flowers
Bunch of chrysanthemums
A bunch of chrysanthemums beautifully arranged with lemons creating the impression of a cooling lemonade. A bunch of flowers perfect for brightening anyone's hot day. Product approx. sizes: height ~30cm; diameter ~20cm;
  29,67 EUR 
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Flowers basket
Basket of colorful flowers
A basket of colorful flowers - lilies, roses, orchids and gerber flowers all put together to create an amazing visual impact. Product approx. sizes: height ~45cm; diameter ~30cm;
  108,20 EUR 
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Single rose
One red rose
One red rose in a vase to remind her of your love. Product approx. sizes: height ~35cm;
  24,28 EUR 
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